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Customer Supplied Garments

We can embroider the school logo onto your own garments as we recognise that garments can often be purchased in supermarkets cheaper than we can get them for.

The cost is £5.90 per logo, this is lower than out standard rates in order to offer parents an affordable option.

We can only embroider garments that have been approved by the schools. For instance we cannot embroider hoodies for Grantown Primary. check the relevant school page to see what their garments are.
Each school has decided what garments and colours they want supplied, not us.

Drop the garments of in our shop during our opening times or contact us to arrange dropping off your garments to us.

When supplying your own garments you automatically accept the following disclaimer:-

Any customers supplying their own garments for embroidery or printing should be made aware that process is an industrial one on computerised machines. As with any machine they sometimes fail which can lead to the garment being destroyed. There is no compensation or replacement for customers own garments , all customers accept the risk when they supply garments to us for embroidery or printing.
Garments must be new or freshly laundered and hair free.

CONTACT US to arrange drop off of your items. You can email us at info@zippyembroidery.co.uk or send a message via Facebook or on What's app

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